Bali mermaids – East Bali

Mon, 23 April 2018

Capturing our mermaid magic in East Bali.  mermaid school, mermaid school, mermaids bali, bali mermaids, bali mermaid, gili trawangan, 

Mermaid packages in Bali are held along the East coast, we depart from Padang Bai on a traditional Bali boat and cruise along the East coast to spots with best visibility. 

For Gili mermaid packages, we depart from Gili Trawangan and head out to the best spots around the three Gili islands – it usually is around Gili meno for best visibility and swimming with turtles <3 

Head to our RETREATS page for a holiday of a life time or head to PACKAGES page for your one day mermaid experience in Bali or Gili T 

We can’t wait to meet you!!!!! xxxxxx

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Have you ever wanted to be a mermaid? This could be you //Mermaid retreats & 1 day packages in Bali & Gili T ūüí¶Thanks @yung_browniee for capturing our magic ūüé• Mermaids @putriduyung_chels + @sophiatbaldwin93

Posted by Island Mermaids on Sunday, 22 April 2018


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Welcome 2018 mermaids!

Thu, 04 January 2018

Hello 2018 and Welcome mermaids!

I am so excited to begin 2018’s journey and celebrate sisterhood with all you mermaid goddess’

We have so much magic in stall for this year;

Transforming more beauties into sea sirens’, running more inspiring photo shoots, dancing on the sand of Mother Earth and playing with the sky!

We are so excited for you to join us on this journey of worshiping ourselves, swimming in mermaid seas and discovering magic in the tropics!

Our first ever sacred Bali retreat will take place in April and we will continue to do more! Our Bali Goddess ceremonies are starting from now with spiritual healing and Priestess blessings.

Our chic swim wear will continue to grow. With every purchase we will donate to saving the oceans and a disadvantaged women’s project in Bali.

We would love to see you in Bali or Gili islands this year! Please give as much notice as possible when requesting a booking with us!

Love of love, from the depths of the ocean mermaids in bali, mermaids gili trawangan, mermaid school, mermaid retreats




Intention to inspire

Mon, 11 December 2017

I wanted to create this small blog, to send out a message of my intention. My brand has evolved in a diverse way and been pulled in different directions over the last few years. My intention was never to solely create a bikini brand. My intention is to create a community where a tribe of women are inspired by something completely unique. Something mystical and beautiful like we all are.

I believe life pulls us in different directions and more often that not we get attached to a belief of what we are ‘supposed to be doing’ or what we ‘should do’ but actually when I asked myself. What is my main intention? What will bring me joy? The answer is; I want to inspire every one to know we are strong, we are all good enough and we are all equal. We all have a constant connection to the universe which is running through us each and every moment of our lives. It is always taking care of us.. I want to create a voice where you all know, we are strong, independent, loveable, unique women. We are capable of doing anything.

No one would have believed me when I said I was moving to Bali at 18 years old, to then move onto creating a mermaid company on the other side of the world. To create designs of mermaid tails, swim wear and jackets. All created by myself. To create a whole program of ocean activities where we we can experience something completely unique and fun. Be in complete joy. We are all capable of making our dreams a reality. My dream is to inspire you to believe in doing so and trust in the Universe.

My first ever under water photo shoot in Gili T


This is a photo of my first ever mermaid tail I designed and created. This is my beautiful friend Christine in Gili Trawangan ocean. The tail was made from blue and green lycra and hand sequined with large silver sequins. The mono fin was made from plastic and neoprene. March 2014


First ever mermaid bikini


My first ever mermaid bikini on beautiful model, Hannah Perera. Made in May 2016. This shot was December 2016

We are capable of anything.

A small quote from our About us page:

”Island Mermaids has evolved in such a diverse way as a brand since 2014. Our growth has shown us that our main aim is to spread awareness of girl power, self-love and love for the island of Bali. We hope Island Mermaids inspires women to express themselves in a unique, creative way and do something completely out of their comfort zone.¬† A mix of sea sirens, island life and fashion, this is Island Mermaids.” – Chelsea, Owner of Island Mermaids


Bikinis of dreams

Mon, 27 November 2017



A collection of mermaid embroidered bikinis

you cant swim with us mermaid bikini


Tie bikini top with embroidered mermaid fantasies bottoms


Mermaid fantasies bikini set


Mermaid one piece ‘raised by mermaids’


Embroidered Ocean dreaming frill bikini set


We are so excited to introduce this dreamy collection of new mermaid bikinis. We are open to receiving whole sale international orders, Bali orders and looking forward to the beautiful mermaids who will be purchasing and repping our mermaid swim wear!

Sending so much love to this Universe of mermaids and magic!

Thank you to all the merbabes repping Island Mermaids 

I am open to receiving. I am receiving. Bikinis of dreams collection is huge success. This is success. We are receiving great success

Mermaids Bali

Thu, 02 November 2017

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The first mermaid company in Indonesia created in 2014

Mermaid swim wear found in;






Mermaid photo shoots and packages based from;




Love from the Mermaids of Bali


Island Mermaids

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Collection Satu

Sat, 28 October 2017

We have had so much FUN and countless babes repping our ‘Collection Satu’

So here a few throw backs and memories of the MEGA MEGA MEGA BABE MERMAIDS of the WORLD repping Island Mermaids in Collection Satu!

We are so excited to introduce our next collection of DREAMS coming soon. But first here is a look back at the last year of mermaids.

Thank you for swimming with us, WE LOVE YOU! We are ready and open to so much more. STAY TUNED MERBABES

Mantra I am open and ready to hundreds of sales from this collection and next. Mantra I am receiving money and sales from every angle. I am thankful I am creative I am receiving. I am ready. Thank you for a fun ride the Collection Satu. I am selling and I am ready fo

r more. T

real shell bra

Lolita in the mermaid bikini


Claudia in the Kerang one piece

Brittany in the Pink shores bikini

Beth in the nude one piece

Miranda in the best selling Kerang bikini

Hannah in the Starfish bikini

Bali Mermaid School and Photo shoots

Mon, 09 October 2017

Mermaids have become an absolute THING lately.

All girls seem to be dreaming of life under the sea. Like Sebastian from the famous¬† ‘The Little Mermaid‘ movie said ‚Äėthe human world, it‚Äôs a mess! Life is better under the sea‚Äô

Island MermaidsBali Mermaid School // Mermaid photo shootings was created to offer half-day tours where people can venture out into the lovely shores of Bali and Gili Trawangan and swim like a mermaid!

Island Mermaids offers packages where you will swap your feet for fins for the day and experience a day as a mermaid! You will visit dreamy mermaid locations for ‚ÄėInstaworthy‚Äô shots of you as a beautiful mermaid! Bali mermaid school

Afraid to swim? But still want that Instaworthy shot of you as a real mermaid? Head to our packages page and check out the ‘Mermaid Photo Shoot package’

Packages are perfect for girl’s holidays, girls obsessed with mermaids, hen parties and more!

Get in contact via our ‚ÄėPackages‚Äô page or ‚ÄėContact‚Äô page for bookings and enquiries.

Mermaid tail by Island Mermaids

Shot in Gili Trawangan






Meet the bikinis of your dreams

Mon, 18 September 2017

Meet the bikinis of your dreams..

Our best selling bikinis on one page!

Embrace your inner mer-babe with the Kerang bikini! This mermaid bikini will make all of your magical fantasies come true, in a nude tone with triangle shape top with thin straps and contrasting white shell detailing and a hipster pant with high leg. She sells sea shells on your next vacay.

Meet the bikini of your dreams! Beach babes and aspiring mermaids this bikini is for you! The mermaid bikini features shell cups with a halter neckline and crochet hipster pants with tie detailing. Finish off the look with beach side views.

mermaid bikini

She sells sea shells. Let all your mermaid fantasies come true. This mermaid bikini comes in a shimmery white and features sea shell cups with halter neckline and string style pants with an adjustable fit and side tie detailing. Complete your look with a mermaid tail and water.


Mermaiding in Gili Trawangan

Mon, 03 April 2017

Things to do in Gili Trawangan!

Across the ocean from the island of Gods, Bali is the beautiful Gili islands that belong to Lombok. Three paradise islands situated in front of Lombok Island and an 1.5 hour boat ride from Bali.

This is where most of our under water¬†mermaid¬†magic happens! The visibility of the ocean around the islands is absolutely incredible. This is perfect for getting the perfect shot of swimming as a¬†mermaid. We know that getting your profile pic as a¬†mermaid¬†is one of the most important parts of the trip (haha! ūüėČ )

We set out on our mermaid, glass bottom boat where you will see the aqua colours floating below us, along with sea turtles and beautiful corals. Next, we transform you into mermaids with colourful tails and shell bras!

We talk about the mermaid swim, the best techniques and breathing.

Swimming in this creative way is more than looking beautiful, it is about inner fun and feeling beautiful.

It is important to add, as legs are bound together we use a lot of core strength and it is ideal to be fresh on the day of mermaiding (no hungover mermaids ;))

It is important for us that you have the most magical, fun time possible.

All our love from the depths of the ocean,
Island Mermaids

We are all connected

Fri, 03 February 2017

On this spiritual journey I find myself on, I find my mission to share the awakening I am experiencing. If I could even just spread this to each beauty I am blessed to meet, I will be grateful.

We are all on a journey, learning individual lessons. Why are we here?
Everything and everyone in our lives is here to teach us lessons.

Life is much, much more than the materialistic life and the life our 5 senses are able to reach.
We are sadly living in a much DISCONNECTED world.

If I can just take you back to who you are, before society told us who we should be. Who we are down to our core, our soul. How would you feel?

I use mermaiding as a tool for you to become connected. Mermaids are a big figure of the female essence and energy, our divine feminine beauty which we must let shine!

I use mermaiding in Bali to connect to our DIVINE MOTHER EARTH. I want us to connect to the ocean, in our pure natural state.

I want you to have FUN & PLAY! When was the last time you played? Let’s be taken away from the serious, structured world. Let’s connect to our inner child.

I challenge you, I want you to over come fears – fears of water, of open water? Of something new, of being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Get in touch with your creative side.

Become pure, anything that is you.
I am lucky enough to share something with you that is not sitting in an office, that is not sitting on our phones, that is not structured and has a certain ‘right’ way.

I hope after a small journey with me, you feel a little bit more inspired. To follow your dreams. Follow what you want, to search for “what are you here for?” “What is your purpose?”
I hope you are influenced to play a little more.
Don’t take life so serious. We are all here on a journey until the next life.

Mermaiding in Bali is more than just looking beautiful for your next Facebook profile photo.

Bali has such an empowering energy to it- often pulling people back.
I am blessed to be a part of it and I am blessed to be part of your Bali journey too.

See you beauties in the ocean.

All our love from the depths of the ocean,
Island Mermaids

Something Completely New

Mon, 26 September 2016

Island Mermaids was part of something completely new.

We had a special friend who became a mermaid for the day in the oceans of the Gili islands.

The beautiful mermaid spread ashes of family members as a mermaid throughout the oceans.

This was a unique and special way to spread ashes and I felt privileged to be part of something so magical.

Mermaids are mystical creatures and always part of magic, love and lust.
This was perfect.

Mermaid Jess spreading ashes

All our love from the depths of the ocean,
Island Mermaids


Wed, 29 June 2016

Island Mermaids is the original mermaid company of Indonesia. We created Island Mermaids for women of all ages to unleash their inner, mysterious beauty.

Island Mermaids is different to other mermaid companies world wide as we create all our mermaid products and mermaid tails in BALI. We source locally to support Indonesia Рthe Country we love! Each and every mermaid tail is blessed by a Hindu priestess, believed to bring luck, love and happiness to every mermaid!

We see the important of learning the creative swim and perfecting it; this is why we have our Discover Mermaiding Package, our guests need to learn the perfect mermaid swim to receive the magnificent under water photos. The love offering the whole mermaid experience out in the open water and learning to swim in Bali and Gili Trawangan. 
Discover Mermaiding out in the open ocean in both Bali and Gili Trawangan is made for the real life mermaid experience whilst getting the rare photo opportunity!

We also offer mermaid tail rentals, for those who feel confident with swimming and would like to have a day of fun in the tails with friends.

Mermaid professional photo shoots for girls who have been mesmerized by mermaids since child hood and this is the opportunity to impersonate a real mermaid in our mermaid tails.
Mermaid party packages. We come to your villa to transform you into mermaids!
All our love from the depths of the ocean!

All our love from the depths of the ocean,
Island Mermaids