Goddess Ceremony

We have organized a sacred experience for you goddesses visiting Bali for a Eat, Pray, Love // spiritual experience.

Away from the hustle and bustle in busy areas like Seminyak, Kuta and Canggu we have you a sacred ashram hidden in the tropics where the local Balinese welcome visitors to experience a Balinese water healing and blessing. The Balinese Priestess or healer will go through a blessing and traditional Balinese meditation. After meditation each guest is called up for a water healing. You are drenched in holy water to cleanse your aura and align your energy with God and higher self. There are often tears, blockages open, love and laughter during this magical experience.

The reason this experience is so special for us to give to you is because non hindu visitors to Bali are restricted on what temples they may enter and pray at. With this purifying experience, you are welcomed to a traditional ashram to receive a healing and pray in a authentic Balinese village.


Sky above, Earth below, Peace within


Total includes;

Day driver

English and Indonesian speaking Goddess guide

Traditional, strong meditation

Ashram and healing experience

Pricing depends on amount of people Click here to enquire