Island Mermaids is now in partnership with Salti hearts surf and yoga camp, we have created a week focusing on holistic health, creativity and fitness for girls!

”Salti Hearts is an authentic Surf & Yoga camp for women of all ages, who come to us from all over this amazing world. At Salti Hearts we have the privilege, and pure bliss, to run our camp on the beautiful island of Bali. This unique location is a tropical wonderland for those who love the beach, sunny days, surfing adventures, yoga practice and relaxation. We like to think of ourselves as raw and authentic – we are inspired constantly by the beauty and mystery of the ocean, we are passionate about nurturing the connection between body and soul that occurs with a daily yoga practice, we are blessed with the opportunity to follow a lifestyle that allows us to ground ourselves and explore our senses.” – Yeni, founder of Salti Hearts surf and yoga camp for girls

Salti hearts and Island Mermaids, Bali is offering a camp of surf and yoga and mermaids! This is aimed at all girls around the world who are keen for some ocean creativity in a tropical paradise – BALI!

Mermaids have been admired for their exotic beauty since the beginning of time. As the inspiration of myths and legends, they are famous for mesmerizing sea men and sailors with their mysterious allure. Island Mermaids can provide you, the opportunity to experience the ocean as one of these mythical creatures on the stunning island of Bali!

This is aimed at all girls world wide who are interested in the connection of your body and the ocean and simply trying something different!
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All our love from the depths of the ocean,
Island Mermaids