Spiritual Healer

Shelly Towns is a Body-mind Psychotherapist, deep muscle body-therapist and energy healer. She works with the physical, emotional and psychic blocks that are held in the body and energy field.

Using body-mind Psychotherapy, breath work, deep muscle body work in conjunction with her intuition, Shelly skillfully guides her clients to release these blocks. As these blocks are released, the healing flow of energy to the affected areas increases, allowing for wonderful deep transformations to take place on all levels of the person’s life.

Shelly is a very real, vibrant and grounded person. Her unique ability to combine psychological techniques along with the gentleness of spirituality creates an aura of comfort and relaxation that affects all that encounter her.

She has a genuine love of teaching and leading others to higher states of conscious awareness. With a truly healing nature, she has a strong commitment to guiding people on their journey to wholeness and fulfilment.

Shelly is the only western person in the whole of Bali is works at the Mother Temple of Bali, Besakih Temple. She works with the Mangku (priest) of the temple.

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