Womens Circle

A womens circle is a time to celebrate femininity, our pure Goddess within, sisterhood and oneness.

Our womens circle is run by a spirit junkie and reiki healer. This experience is a chance for us to tune in to the energy flowing through each and every one of us. Intuition is real and this is a chance for us all to connect to our energy and FEEL.

Depending what part of the moon cycle we are in, we will celebrate letting go or manifesting the new. We will share a group meditation and connect to the ever flowing energy within. We share our dreams, heartbreaks, moments of love, awakening and spiritual experiences. You will receive a small reiki healing and then go onto meditation again.

This experience is recommended for groups of girls who are 2 or more.

Rates may vary on location and amount of people.

Click here for booking inquiries. For REIKI one on one healing inquires click here

Love and light mermaids X