We have had so much FUN and countless babes repping our ‘Collection Satu’

So here a few throw backs and memories of the MEGA MEGA MEGA BABE MERMAIDS of the WORLD repping Island Mermaids in Collection Satu!

We are so excited to introduce our next collection of DREAMS coming soon. But first here is a look back at the last year of mermaids.

Thank you for swimming with us, WE LOVE YOU! We are ready and open to so much more. STAY TUNED MERBABES

Mantra I am open and ready to hundreds of sales from this collection and next. Mantra I am receiving money and sales from every angle. I am thankful I am creative I am receiving. I am ready. Thank you for a fun ride the Collection Satu. I am selling and I am ready fo

r more. T

real shell bra

Lolita in the mermaid bikini


Claudia in the Kerang one piece

Brittany in the Pink shores bikini

Beth in the nude one piece

Miranda in the best selling Kerang bikini

Hannah in the Starfish bikini