I wanted to create this small blog, to send out a message of my intention. My brand has evolved in a diverse way and been pulled in different directions over the last few years. My intention was never to solely create a bikini brand. My intention is to create a community where a tribe of women are inspired by something completely unique. Something mystical and beautiful like we all are.

I believe life pulls us in different directions and more often that not we get attached to a belief of what we are ‘supposed to be doing’ or what we ‘should do’ but actually when I asked myself. What is my main intention? What will bring me joy? The answer is; I want to inspire every one to know we are strong, we are all good enough and we are all equal. We all have a constant connection to the universe which is running through us each and every moment of our lives. It is always taking care of us.. I want to create a voice where you all know, we are strong, independent, loveable, unique women. We are capable of doing anything.

No one would have believed me when I said I was moving to Bali at 18 years old, to then move onto creating a mermaid company on the other side of the world. To create designs of mermaid tails, swim wear and jackets. All created by myself. To create a whole program of ocean activities where we we can experience something completely unique and fun. Be in complete joy. We are all capable of making our dreams a reality. My dream is to inspire you to believe in doing so and trust in the Universe.

My first ever under water photo shoot in Gili T


This is a photo of my first ever mermaid tail I designed and created. This is my beautiful friend Christine in Gili Trawangan ocean. The tail was made from blue and green lycra and hand sequined with large silver sequins. The mono fin was made from plastic and neoprene. March 2014


First ever mermaid bikini


My first ever mermaid bikini on beautiful model, Hannah Perera. Made in May 2016. This shot was December 2016

We are capable of anything.

A small quote from our About us page:

”Island Mermaids has evolved in such a diverse way as a brand since 2014. Our growth has shown us that our main aim is to spread awareness of girl power, self-love and love for the island of Bali. We hope Island Mermaids inspires women to express themselves in a unique, creative way and do something completely out of their comfort zone.  A mix of sea sirens, island life and fashion, this is Island Mermaids.” – Chelsea, Owner of Island Mermaids