On this spiritual journey I find myself on, I find my mission to share the awakening I am experiencing. If I could even just spread this to each beauty I am blessed to meet, I will be grateful.

We are all on a journey, learning individual lessons. Why are we here?
Everything and everyone in our lives is here to teach us lessons.

Life is much, much more than the materialistic life and the life our 5 senses are able to reach.
We are sadly living in a much DISCONNECTED world.

If I can just take you back to who you are, before society told us who we should be. Who we are down to our core, our soul. How would you feel?

I use mermaiding as a tool for you to become connected. Mermaids are a big figure of the female essence and energy, our divine feminine beauty which we must let shine!

I use mermaiding in Bali to connect to our DIVINE MOTHER EARTH. I want us to connect to the ocean, in our pure natural state.

I want you to have FUN & PLAY! When was the last time you played? Let’s be taken away from the serious, structured world. Let’s connect to our inner child.

I challenge you, I want you to over come fears – fears of water, of open water? Of something new, of being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Get in touch with your creative side.

Become pure, anything that is you.
I am lucky enough to share something with you that is not sitting in an office, that is not sitting on our phones, that is not structured and has a certain ‘right’ way.

I hope after a small journey with me, you feel a little bit more inspired. To follow your dreams. Follow what you want, to search for “what are you here for?” “What is your purpose?”
I hope you are influenced to play a little more.
Don’t take life so serious. We are all here on a journey until the next life.

Mermaiding in Bali is more than just looking beautiful for your next Facebook profile photo.

Bali has such an empowering energy to it- often pulling people back.
I am blessed to be a part of it and I am blessed to be part of your Bali journey too.

See you beauties in the ocean.

All our love from the depths of the ocean,
Island Mermaids